Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Four Puppies 6 Weeks Old.
"We are not keeping a puppy." For the past 16 weeks I have repeated these words over and over and over. This, in response to the "accidental" mating between my daughter's two unfixed dogs. Accidental in that their dogs had not yet been fixed and succeeded in mating while Maggie, their registered Yellow Labrador Retriever, was in heat.

For the nine weeks of Maggie's pregnancy, I repeated to anyone and everyone who would listen... "Yes, they'll be cute. No, we are not keeping a puppy." For the past seven weeks, chock full of nine puppies developing from small, blind, helpless blobs into nine very loud, wriggling puppies full of yips, nips, and pounces. That's right, NINE puppies."I agree, (insert name of various child here). They are the cutest things I have ever seen (besides goat kids~ I add in my head) and they will look even cuter in their new homes with their new families. We are NOT keeping one."  I stressed adamantly.

Six puppies met six new couples and found six new homes to grow up in and bless within just a few weeks. I have no doubt that the other two will find equally good homes. What's that? Something is wrong with my math, you say?

Well, the missing puppy is currently snuggled in our bed in the crook of Sean's arm, fast asleep and snoring. Her name is Molly.

This is what I want,
except with goats. 
THIS is what we have.
Molly is 1/2 Lab, 1/4 Border Collie, and 1/4 Stratfordshire Terrier. We hope she'll grow to be calm, docile, and loving like her
mother and as quick and clever as her father. Molly is to be a working dog. It will be nice to have one of these. Our current lot are champs at chasing around our much smarter cats and guarding the favored napping spot. Fenn knows the added tricks of howling loudly non-stop, for hours, when he feels the call of the wild and running away any time the chance arises. No, our pooches were all much too old and set in their ways to be of any use on a goat farm by the times they found their ways to us. We love them just the same.

There were other compelling reasons to keep a puppy, of course. I had gotten rather used to sleeping through the night, for one. We had nothing living here to chew on my limited supply of shoes or the cords to my computer for another. And, I hardly ever awoke to puppy breath in my face and sharp teeth lodged onto my nose or finger tips. Clearly, something was missing in our lives.

Ah well, sleep is over-rated. ♥


  1. She is cute, I love her french manicure!

  2. Mollie is such a cutie with that white chin and spitfire attitude. I bet she'll make a fine working dog.