Monday, February 24, 2014

Sounds Around the Homestead: Guinea Fowl

When we added Guinea Fowl to our homestead, we knew what we were getting... sort of. We read up on the creatures, of course. We talked, in depth, to people who kept some themselves. We visited them in person before we committed to purchasing them.

We decided to add guinea fowl to our homestead for a few reasons. We liked that guinea fowl have a reputation for eating ticks and other external parasites from their flock mates. They make great little "watch dogs" for their flock. They are lovely; some breeds have polka dotted feathers. And, they lay pretty speckled eggs, of particular interest for a homestead that creates jewelry from our eggs. Additionally, we intend to hatch chicks and sell hatching eggs locally for folks.

We were aware of their loud call and it's reputation to be annoying to some folk. We did not find it annoying. We still don't. Before you decide to add guinea fowl to your flock, we encourage you to read up on them, talk with others who have them, visit their farm or homestead for yourself and consider whether being greeted with this sound through the day will fray your nerves.

If you are prepared for their very loud and raucous greetings, guineas can add much joy and beauty to your flock. They have to ours. With winter waning, we are anxiously awaiting our first speckled eggs laid by them this spring. And, then, our first hatching clutches. So much to look forward to!

Thanks for visiting today, friends. I am so thankful you came.

~Sonja ♥

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