Sunday, February 23, 2014

Goat Kids This Morning

Rachel and Hadassah are both still heavy with kids. They are showing positive signs. We can feel and see their kids' movements. Their udders are filling. Their ligaments are softening. They are progressing. Thankfully, these are our final kiddings for the season. As one reader commented to us last week, we only have to hold our breath for a little while more and then, we can hold some kids. :)

With nothing much to report on the kidding front, I thought I would bring you some goatie cuteness to start your morning.

Jessie has a perfect place to nap in a stream of sunshine while Jane is eating her grain. He was quite content to bask in the warm rays until his milk returned.
Elisha (left) and Samson (right)
Leah, too, was enjoying her morning grain in another part of the stall while I snapped this picture of the boys snuggling. Check out the smile on Samson. It is nice to have a brother.

Next Sunday, we'll begin milking all the does in the mornings.  When that happens, all the new kids will sleep together overnight in a stall next to their mothers, separated by rails. They'll be able to see, touch, and lay near their moms should they want to, but they will not have access to nurse at night. After we milk our does in the morning, the kids are reunited with their mothers and the rest of the herd. They can nurse all they want during the day. They'll begin eating hay and grain and learn to be part of their herd.

Jesse belongs to Asher, but he sure did not get his daddy's gopher ears! Look at the size of those silly ears! So far, Jesse is the only kid born with full sized ears to us this year.

Thanks for visiting with us this morning, friends. I am thankful for your company.

 ~ Sonja ♥


  1. I'll keep my fingers crossed that everything goes well for the birthing. The babies are so cute!

  2. They are just too cute. Hope all goes well with rest.