Thursday, November 8, 2012

Our First Snow

We woke this morning to the promised 2-3 inches of snow our local weatherman forecast. Deep Sigh. Normally, I don't mind a "snow day". What is better than a steaming mug of cocoa, a bowl of roasted pumpkin seeds topped with salt and butter, and a nice game of dominoes at the table near the wood stove watching the snow fall from the warmth and safety of home??? The first real snow of the year is usually met with approval by the humans around here- especially if it is wet enough that the girls can build a snowman or two with it. Or, Sean can snowboard in it.

I confess to being unenthusiastic about the snow this morning. The house is not ready for winter yet. The barn is not ready for winter yet. I am not ready for winter yet. I had hoped that by some miracle we would get rain instead of the wet, white stuff... but we did not. It is raining now. As I write this, it is pouring quite hard. The roads are clear of snow and I suspect that as the temperature drops into the 20's again overnight, we can expect them to freeze over. This stormy day does not make ideal conditions for us, but all hope is not lost. This rain is supposed to end sometime tonight and the weather is predicted to climb back into the 40's until Tuesday. Sean and I both requested some time off from work with the intention of finishing our barn for the season. If the weather cooperates, we will have a few good days ahead to get this all done. And, then as far as I am concerned Jack Frost can snow on us to his frozen heart's content.

The snow had slowed to just the tiniest of flurries by this morning at 6 am, but the gray sky threatened more snow or rain to come. I grabbed my camera during this morning's chores. Many of our chickens, two of the ducks, both of the geese, and 3 of the goat kids had never had the pleasure of seeing snow before. I wanted to capture any cute moments to share.

Instead of lining up at the fence, clucking for their breakfast, the chickens were uncharacteristically waiting inside their coop this morning. They did not emerge until the promise of food lured them outside. The ducks and geese called greetings in the yard. It appears that they were unfazed by the snow and spent the night outside, anyway.

Both piggies were safe and dry inside their home. They were willing to brave the cold snow to get to their feed trough, but out of consideration of their lack of fur or feathers, we fed them inside their shelter. They are moving inside an empty stall in the barn this weekend. THAT should be an interesting move! I remember what it entailed to move them down the hill last spring. A Pig in a Blanket Post. I see a video-story of this in my future. ♥

Jasmine loves the snow. Both the field and her coat bore evidence of her having already rolled in it before we greeted her this morning. With her delectables covered, she eagerly met me at the door to unburden me of some of the hay I had intended for the goats. She refused to let me pass unmolested until I finally gave in and piled some hay on the pallet by her door. I had intended on offering her hay, anyway, so it was easier to feed her first than it was to convince her that it was not yet her turn.

All the goats were snug inside the barn this morning when I arrived, but then came out to meet me, in case I should have brought something really desirable. (I hadn't. We hay in the morning, but treats are offered in the afternoon hours.) Sapphira was the most comical to watch. While Ruby ventured outside, Sapphira ran up to the doorway, stopped short, sniffed at the snow and began bleating hysterically for Ruby to come back. Then, Sapphira turned circles, trotted to the wall of the stall, grabbed a mouthful of hay, and trotted back to the doorway- "meh!"-ing and chewing all the while. Abigail followed Ellie outside. Asher wandered outside, too. But, Sapphira refused to walk in it.  The look on her face clearly said, "What the WHAT is THAT stuff????" I was unable to capture a video of it before the batteries of the camera died, but I did snap a couple pictures to share.
The rain is slowing and the temperature has reached nearly 30 degrees. Good. Keep on keeping on, Ms. Weather. I have plans that need doing!

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  1. It's too early to snow! Hope you get warmer temps and it all melts away. It was fun hearing about all the animals' reactions and seeing the cute photos :)

    Best of luck with the barn work!

  2. Such pretty pictures. I love the look of snow if only it wasn't so darn cold.

  3. We've had two rounds of snow here in Colorado. I was BARELY ready.

    Just discovered you from Tilly's Nest - can't wait to do some reading about your pigs! I've got one, Doink, who was raised from a baby with a goat, Brandy. They don't know they're different species, which brings about a lot of smiles when watching them play in the barnyard.

    Hope it warms up soon!

    Joan @