Sunday, November 18, 2012

Our Day of Rest...

Ahhhh... Sunday....

The day of worship. ✔
The day of family. ✔
The day of football  WORKING around the farm. ✔

I have never been big on winter, but I am starting to look forward to days of rest. Oh, don't misunderstand, there will be plenty to do inside this house for the next few months, but it won't be the seemingly endless list of back-aching manual labor that we toil at the rest of the year. I don't much like the cold weather, but I am sooooo looking forward to some slow days ahead to recharge and get ready for Spring.

Today's schedule went something like this:
  • Feed and water dogs, cats, bunny, chickens/ducks/geese, goats, pigs, and horse. The feeding was easy, but the watering entailed chipping ice out of the containers and buckets this morning for Sean.
  • Shower and get ready for our meeting for Worship
  • Attend our meeting for Worship and visit with friends
  • Lunch
  • Spend an hour as a family in our Volunteer Bible Study Ministry
  • Shovel, Haul, and Level 5 loads (each approximately 12 cubic feet) of dirt and rocks to level the driveway
  • Meg mucked Jasmine's stall
  • Kristen cleaned bathroom
  • Sonja mucked chicken coop
  • Sean hauled hay
  • Sean worked on Geese/Duck house
  • Sonja put away lumber scrap (At this point, the sun was setting and I could barely stand.)
  • Evening Animal check & more hay to pigs (for bedding), horse & goats (for eating)
  • Sean washed dishes and swept floor
  • Sonja folded laundry and prepared dinner
  • Dinner
  • Sonja baked cookies (pre-packaged, but I want credit anyway!)
  • Family Bible Study with Meg & Kristen
  • Sonja completed some work for her "real job"
  • Everyone had some "down time" beginning at 7:30 pm...
And, I have the sore muscles to prove it! I am not complaining, but I think it is important to be honest. I really think that in time, there will be slightly less to do around here in terms of large construction projects. After all, once we complete the barn, we are not going to need to continue working on it each day- save some maintenance. Once the driveway is level, we will stop that project. Once the raised garden beds are built and filled, that is done for a while. But, trying to grow a farm means that there is always going to be something else that needs doing. Always.

On the up-side: I sleep like the dead every night.

I took some pictures of our busy day, (of course). And, so I leave you with them. Thanks for stopping in for a visit today, friends. We are sure glad you came!

Sonja ♥

The dirt pile before we started today. I had already loaded a wagon full
yesterday in preparation for today's work.
"By My Beard! I swear the thing is growing each night"
This is what we had left AFTER removing 5 wagon loads.
Meg's main job was to remove large rocks to my pile. I am planning to put
them to use as part of a nice rock wall.  

Kristen is part of the "Leveling Crew". She did a fine job working with Sean,
smoothing out the dirt I hauled with the lawn mover and Sean dumped.

Sean unloading my wagon.

The "Leveling Crew" hard to work. 
With more than 3/4ths of the driveway filled in, we call it quits for the day...
So we can continue working on the goose/duck house and muck the coop. 
Clean Coop... for all of one minute. Immediately, the hens
must check out and scratch in the pine shavings.
We put a few of the ducks in the new duck/geese house
and eventually, both geese- hoping they would like it and stay put.
I even stuck a bowl of feed and carrots in there, but I cannot
yet call it a success. ♥


  1. Wow, that is a busy day! We did a lot of work outside today, too, and my back is feeling it! Everything is looking great. Hope you guys get some down time soon :)

    1. Ooooh! I hope you post about it. I love reading about your projects. I always find some inspiration in them.

      I hope your back feels better. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Should I schedule a special "Caitlin's Home for a Visit" work day for you? I can. Just saying. ♥

  3. You make me feel like such a slug! Way to go y'all. The driveway looks so fine. I'm really impressed, and it looks so nice to see the family all working together. I'm sorry I couldn't help....
    Love you, nancy r.

    1. Thanks, Nancy!

      It feels good to be getting progress made on these things. No worries about missing the building. You have your hands full right now.

      We would love to have you all over for dinner, though soon.

      Love you!

  4. Great work guys! You guys are the bomb!
    I have two sick people to contend with my way. Abby is an easier patient, I must say. Good thing I love that curly headed fella! Momma T. and Daddy Dale came and dropped off a load of groceries aimed at keeping them hydrated and fed with soups. I sure hope I don't catch this creeping crud it is awful!