Saturday, November 17, 2012

Glimpses Around the Homestead

Today, Sean and I are finishing roughing out the duck and geese house. This will be attached to the chicken coop, but will have it's own entrance door. While Sean is cutting lumber for the floor, I stole off to upload this video spliced together from pictures and video taken last week. I don't have long to hide away, though. Sean cuts the 2x4's to size and then, it is my job to screw them in place. I think I will be missed before too much time elapses!

I will snap some pictures of it when it is complete and share them with you later this weekend.

It will be good for the ducks and geese to have their own house. Chickens roost high in the eaves of their coop. Ducks and geese do not. They huddle together in a corner or more usually sleep in the yard. With a house of their own, they won't need to watch for droppings from above when they hazzard to sleep inside chicken coop anymore.

Thanks for stopping in today.
Sonja ♥


  1. It's so good to see Ellie out and about and chowing down on some beets! So funny how her lips get all red after eating. Love the shots of the hens dust bathing and sunning. Your red star pullet is so pretty! We had a black star once and she was beautiful.

  2. I think that shade suits Miss Ellie. Great video/pics!