Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Each Morning is an Adventure...

With the kids having their last day of school yesterday, I was looking forward to a less hectic, stressful morning. *Sigh* I guess there is always tomorrow.

What I did not anticipate was Sean helping a friend to move 4 of his bee hives from Searsport to Winterport at 7am. Brighid (our Velveteen Rex bunny) to finish her escape tunnel in the night and be found this morning waiting for me outside the main chicken pen. Or, Kristen to let all 3 dogs outside accidentally while trying to hand me the telephone.

I was outside giving the goats and chickens some bread when this all happened. Sean had returned from Part One of the Great Bee Relocation (which entailed loading the bees into a van) and was coming to see me in the back yard before continuing on with Part Two (which was the unloading and settling of the bees into their new location). He spied Brighid roaming free; he bent down to scoop up bunny into his hands with the intention of presenting her to me to receive deserved accolades of bunny hunter extraordinaire. Sean was brought up short by my frantic pointing and my cry of, "Sean, Fenn is loose! And there go the others!" Instantly alert, he snapped into action. He thrust bunny into my hands, pivoted and barked, "Angus, stop!" (Which usually causes our terrier to halt his escape and fortunately did this time, as well.) Angus captured, Sean hopped into the car to find Fenn before Fenn found trouble. In contrast, Buster was a good lad and came when I call him. He followed me to the bunny hutch and chicken coops as I returned Brighid to home and finished this mornings feeding routine, not even considering wandering away.

About 15 minutes later, Sean returned with Fenn, who had made it almost a mile up the road before he was captured with the aid of a neighbor and her flowers in need of "marking". Everyone sorted, Sean left to complete the bee transfer before going to work and I began to prepare for my day ahead.

Before I get to the getting, I thought I would share a snippet of what the goats are about these days. This is NOT where we want them to be! This weekend is going to have a lot of time devoted to the enhancing of the goat pasture fencing!

"We may not make a lot of money, but we sure have fun!" I wonder what the rest of the day will bring for excitement?

I hope you enjoy your day.
Sonja ♥

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  1. Glad everyone is home safe. I remember being the one who let Fenn out one time, my goodness, I was worried sick, but alas Seany Sean rescued him that time too. That dog is a trip!!
    Those goats with their happy waggin' tails couldn't ever get in trouble could they?