Sunday, June 17, 2012

White Gold...

Sean milked Ellie tonight after she'd been without the kids all day and he was able to collect more than a quart of milk. Milking, up until tonight, has been a very frustrating endeavor. Since, we are untrained, we had only been getting about the amount shown in the pint jar. With thoughts of it taking FOREVER (or at least a week) to collect enough milk to make even 8 oz of cheese, both Sean and I were viewing milking Ellie as mere practice; a way to get our sanitation routine and milking technique down.  Then, Kelli to the rescue! She worked with Sean tonight and within ten minutes, the reward of amassing more than a quart of milk in a single milking was realized. This changes everything. Practice time, over. Cheese making to commence! I am soooo excited to prepare fresh cheeses together with Sean.

This was a busy weekend around the homestead. Besides mowing the lawns, trimming the weeds back, mulching the plantings around our back patio and front gardens, working on the goats pasture fencing, setting up  and filling the girl's pool, planting some veggies in the raised beds in the front of the house, and installing a badminton net, we hosted an 8th grade graduation party (BBQ) for Kristen. Also, both Patches and Ebony had their toe nails trimmed, which was not fun for either Sean, Allen (Kelli's husband and Sean's tutor for this task) or the piggies. But, the piggies will feel better for having it done, we are sure.

I am too tired to continue writing tonight, but will update you all later tomorrow. Have a great evening, friends.

Sonja ♥


  1. I cannot get my head around the goat milk!! =)

  2. Woohoo! More milkies! I like Kelli, she really is sweet, and her kids are so well behaved! I hope the party went well.