Friday, June 8, 2012

Our Cats Deserve a Treat!

I will admit it looks cute with its furry, little head and sweet eyes, but do not be fooled, this ermine is completely capable of killing every chicken in your coop in one night. This weasel, who lives in our area and many others across the country, is a carnivore. While they mostly eat small birds, rodents, bunnies and the like, they have been known to infiltrate a chicken coop or yard and kill at it's whim. Unlike foxes, who may swipe a bird or two from the coop and escape undetected to eat its stolen meal, there are many accounts of one of these guys stealing into a coop and killing every bird in it. It's intention? To come back, night after night, to feed on its newly acquired bounty. One account found a coop of 70 chickens all dead, with little or no sign of loss of blood or struggle, just the tell-tale sign of small puncture wound in each of their necks. Having one of these critters lurking in the woods near my precious flock does not leave me with the warm and fuzzies. But, to be fair, I didn't know one was lurking nearby... until we found it dead in the drive way this morning, courtesy of our cats and their nightly patrol.
 An Ermine hunting a wild Rabbit. Source:
I love all animals. I always have for as long as I can remember. At least, most of them- spiders not withstanding. But, when it comes to something attacking my ladies and lads with the capability of decimating my flock without regret, I can live with it's preemptive demise. Had I known this threat existed, I would have cheerfully set a "Have-a-Heart" trap for the little guy and removed him to a safe, new home. I didn't know. The threat was there. Under the circumstances, I am completely fine with my cats doing what they are paid to do, to protect and defend our farm from rodents and other small would-be assassins.

Sean thinks this guy was a young male. At 8 inches in length, plus the tale, he was certainly small enough to squeeze into the main hen yard fencing and large enough to damage its occupants. Sean gave him a decent burial. I am sorry for the loss of his life, but relieved that our flock remains safe and intact.

Good night, Friends! ♥


  1. It is hard to believe something so cute could be so dangerous. Your kitter cats did a good job.