Thursday, March 13, 2014

Turkey Eggs Mean SPRING

Have you ever seen anything so lovely in all your life?

Alright. I'll concede that you probably have. Still and all, I did a happy dance in the kitchen when Sean presented me with it.

Spring is finally on its way. Forget the foot of snow predicted for the overnight hours. Forget the temperatures threatening to dip in the negative numbers this week. The turkeys and geese have the right of it. When the amount of daylight increases, spring is just around the corner and eggs must be laid. In the week since our first turkey egg was laid, more than a dozen others have joined it. And, yesterday, the youngest goose presented us with her very first egg; homely and misshapen, lovely just the same.

In my mind's eye, I can see Ebony, the piggie, living back down over the hill in her home. I see raised garden beds, freed of their snowy cover, anxiously awaiting the vegetable plantings they will nurture. I see baskets of colorful eggs waiting to be delivered to neighbors and friends. I see the barn siding ordered, delivered, and installed. Our barn finished at last, shining barn-red in the setting sun across the field.

Y'all know I plan everything out, lists upon lists of things still to do. As winter breathes its last breath from last year, I am beginning to come alive with excitement and purpose. I am so proud of our steady growth and the products Sean and I are creating for you this year. I am nervous about the work load I have committed to in regards to this year's show schedule. You'll find us at the Bucksport Farmer's Market on Thursday evenings from 2:30-5 pm (behind the Post Office) beginning May 15th. And, we'll be at the Belfast Art Market on Friday mornings from 9 am-1 pm (at Waterfall Arts in Belfast) beginning in June. Additionally, we have committed to ten Saturday Searsport Market Craft Events at the Searsport Lion's Club and Silkweeds (Route 1 Searsport). These shows, in between larger venues like What Women Want at the Cross Center March 22, The Made in Maine Expo May 3, The Maine Celtic Celebration July 19-21, and others I'll post about along the way. This is right on schedule, but sometimes those plans on paper become daunting to, you know, actually do.

Deep Breaths. Baby Steps. Create, Make, Market, Sell. 

Ripen Cheese. Pictures, Please. Don't forget to BREATHE.

This year, we are offering:
~ 3 CSA shares for veggies. 16 weeks of fresh herbs & veggies delivered to your home.
~ 6 Dairy Goat Rentals. 9 months of access to your own, fresh goat's milk. Your rented goat lives with us and we provide all its day-to-day care. You reap the benefits. Make your milk into cheeses, yogurts or goat's milk soaps.
~ 10 CSA shares for eggs. 18 weeks of free-range eggs delivered directly to your home or you can pick up your eggs at either of the farmer's markets we've committed to. ♥

The details for these programs are listed in the pages tabs above. The deadline to sign up is April 1, 2014. We sold out last year and anticipate that same result this one. If you are local and interested, please call me as soon as it is convenient to sign up. 

If you are not local to us, no worries. We have products available for you, too, at our Etsy shop:

~ Goat's Milk Soaps. Made here at the homestead with our very own goat's milk. Available in seven appealing scents. These are created with organic oils and quality essential oils.

~ Original Mosaic Egg Shell Jewelry. Unique, one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art fashioned from the shells of our own chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, and guinea fowl and semi-precious metals like sterling silver or copper.

"Inara" pendant $70. Featuring mosaic eggshell, copper wire,
Swarovski crystal beads, sterling beads, sterling chain. 

~Organic Soy Wax Scent Tarts. Created with organic soy wax and skin-safe, cosmetic grade fragrance oils. These come in a resealable cup so you can enjoy them again and again. Available in over 20 fragrances.

~Organic Soy Wax Massage Melts. Our newest offering, these ROCK. I make them with quality essential oils, organic sweet almond oil, Shea butter, vitamin E, and essential oils. We spent the winter perfecting just the right blend of oils and wax to minimize friction which allows hands to glide over skin. These will roll out in April officially, but the feedback we've been getting from our test phase has been all good. Your aching muscles are going to love these. Promise.

We've been working hard this winter, preparing for the "busy" seasons around the homestead. Still, it is important to take out time to remember WHY we do all we do. Here are some images captured from around the homestead in the past couple weeks. I hope you enjoy them.

New rooster at Lally Broch Farm
We were contacted by our local animal control officer last week to see if we were able to take in two roosters in need of a home. They were in very rough shape. One of them had two broken wings and did not make it, but this guy is doing well. He is lovely, if not very friendly. He went for my legs to peck them twice while I was doing chores. THAT was not going to continue, I'll tell you. After a few days of hiding in the barn, he made his way into the main coop. The other lads did not look kindly upon his presence. He is still doing well, but he is more docile- they have taught him some manners. I am not sure what breed he is. Any ideas???
Jesse and Jane

Samson's snack time!
 Miss Keziah is growing steady and strong. Though, he is thriving, Keziah has out-paced Amos's growth by a lot. She is going to be one big 'ole girl when she is fully grown, I think! I am so happy we are keeping her. Every time I see her, I am so taken with her loveliness and the quiet, inquisitive spirit she is showing more and more.

Molly and her mother, Maggie were being cooperative for this shot. 

The other dogs have accepted Mollie into the pack. Buster still lets her know that he is not to be trifled with, but on this day, decided that Miss Molly had some potential as a pillow.

In the background, poor old Angus is just a wreck these days; his fur is falling out in patches, he's mostly blind, and now his bladder is nearly uncontrollable. This has been a tough winter for him and I am doubtful that he will handle another. We'll have a hard decision coming this summer/fall, I'm afraid. But, for now, he enjoys the warm spot in front of the wood stove. 

Amos, Eisha, Keziah, and Samson at naptime

Over the weekend, we had the opportunity to visit Four D's Birds and Bees and pick up 6 gorgeous 10-week old Americauna chicks. These are straight-run, but we are hopeful that at least some of the chicks will be hens ready to lay blue eggs for our customers come June. I'll be writing all about our visit in an upcoming post. I was really impressed with their set-up and can't wait to share it with you.

Thanks for visiting with us today. We're glad you stopped by.

~Sonja ♥


  1. Great post, ya'll will be busy, but I know you will enjoy most every bit of it! Molly and the baby goats are precious!!!! I love that you have statement pieces for those that want them, and more simple but equally beautiful items for those that prefer them. Your massage melts sound awesome!

  2. Really enjoyed your blog! That's a beautiful necklace. It must take you a long time to make it. You have a busy year ahead of you. Delightful goat, puppy, chicken pictures!