Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Minute in the Goat Kids' Stall

Do not be fooled. He is plotting his next escape!
Fenn broke his new tie out leash this morning. I attached the clip to his collar and he ran full speed to the end of his line. It snapped and he kept running down the driveway with it trailing behind him. I called Molly back into the house before she got the idea to follow our resident escape artist in his adventures. Then, I called Sean to inform him that his dog was running up the middle of the road, heading towards him. It must be Thursday.

Sean left work to spend the next hour driving around, getting close to Fenn, but unable to coax, coerce, trick, bribe, or run down his dog. Then, Sean and I spent the next hour trailing him from neighbor's yard to neighbor's yard. At 10 am, exhausted, freezing cold, and no closer to catching Houdini, (who entered the woods and was no longer in sight) Sean called our animal control officer, Daniel, to inform him of the trouble and went ahead to work. We worry about Fenn being loose, of course, but we cannot risk Sean losing his job to chase down our dog.

We tagged out to warm up. Kristen and Meaghan began foot patrol searching for Fenn. While they were out looking two different neighbors called in with sightings, but they were unable to get close to catching him, either. Around 11, the girls returned wet, cold and unhappy and without Fenn. As the morning waned, we had sightings reported of him being in one yard or another through the early afternoon, but no one could coax Fenn into stopping long enough to catch the wretched beast. Eventually he would tire of his game and if history is any indication, would present himself to be captured and returned home.

Around 2 pm, Meaghan caught sight of Fenn trotting up the driveway towards our front steps.

"Mom! Fenn is in the yard!" Meg called from the family room.

"Go open the door and call him. Maybe he'll come." I replied. Fenn beat Meaghan to the door and was whining to be let inside when she got there. My elation for Sean's dog's return was short lived as he ran inside covered with mud on all four paws and undercarriage... Right across my newly washed kitchen floor. He made a bee-line for my bed, but was prevented by Kristen's quick thinking to close my bedroom door. She grabbed his collar and dragged him into the bathroom to clean him off while I re-washed the floors and called Sean to let him know of Fenn's return and concurrent affront to my efforts to maintain a clean home.

Fenn spent the rest of the afternoon ridding himself of whatever he ate in his travels which disagreed with him. Though he spent the whole day outside, he left a HUGE, disgusting and smelly present for us in the front room. Probably the reason he came home- come to think of it! And, if that wasn't bad enough, he managed to get inside my room and vomit on my comforter just before bed time. There are days I enjoy having dogs and days.... well, let's just leave it there...

At least, the goats and their kids are behaving well. I spent a little time with them which helped sooth my ruffled feathers. In case you are in need of some soothing yourself, I'll share:

Thanks for stopping by for a visit, friends. We're glad you're here. :)
~Sonja ♥

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  1. What a comical day! I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time. Thank goodness you have two helpful girls. I spend TWO minutes in the kids' stall. So relaxing.