Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Soap Review

Every so often, I am approached by a company with a request to try out their product and share my experience with you. This can be fun- especially when the item works and I can write something nice about my experience. It can be harrowing if the item does not perform or is not made well. To cut down on the potential for "bad" experiences, before I agree to review a product in person, I check out the company first.

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Mom N Pop Natural Shoppe to review their Wellness Salve for AnimalsMy interest was piqued after reading about it's anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-histamine properties on the Mom N Pop Natural Shoppe Etsy Page . With as many animals as we have living here, we always keep a triple antibiotic cream in our vet bag, just in case. I was excited to try out their product and evaluate it for myself.

By chance, we had an opportunity to use the Wellness Salve shortly after beginning our milking for the season. Leah developed a little scrape on her udder that was sensitive to my touch when milking her. These can happen when the kids bite a little too energetically while nursing. Not life threatening, certainly, but I was eager to try out the salve on Leah to see how it compared to the ointment I usually used. I was very pleased with the results. Within a few days, the scrape had nearly completely healed and there was no sign of infection present. Would it have healed as well without an ointment? Possibly. But I considered this fact: No matter how clean we keep our stalls, goats lay down in their bedding~ bedding that has been walked through with dirty hooves and potentially urinated upon at some point before it is changed. I would rather err on the side of caution.

We, also, used the salve on our geriatric cairn terrier, Angus Og. Poor old thing is allergic to life and sometimes gets to scratching himself to the point of needing some ointment to sooth his skin. Again, the Animal Wellness Salve did the trick beautifully. In my opinion, as well as the Triple Antibiotic Cream we usually choose. Besides working (the most important factor, for me), I liked the packaging. The salve comes in a reusable, glass mason jar with a plastic top. And, I was impressed by the quality ingredients used in all their products. These added, I am sure, to the pleasant, herbal scent of the salve.

So, here is the big question: Would I purchase this product for use at the farm? Yes, I would. In fact, I will be ordering another jar to keep close to hand in the milking room.

Included in the package containing the glass jar of Animal Wellness Salve, I was pleasantly surprised to find a bar of Oats & Honey Soap for me. According to the Etsy online description, this bar is an oil-based soap with a minimal lather and lots of moisturizing properties. This variety of bath bar contains organic oatmeal and organic raw honey.

I am a soap snob. Since I began making soap myself with our goat's milk, I find myself comparing our soaps with others I use.

So, how did the Oat and Honey bar compare? I confess, I really like it. It is a generous sized bar, comparable with the size of my own soap bath bars. Often soaps come in smaller sized bars and they just don't seem to last. We have been using this one in the shower for a couple weeks and it is holding up nicely. The bar has a very pleasant scent. I like the oats sprinkled through it, which give the bar an appealing texture and makes me feel like it is providing good exfoliation for my skin. The only con for me was the self-proclaimed minimal amount of lather to this bar and that is not really a complaint. The information states clearly in the description to expect this. So, if you like a lot of lather, like me, perhaps another scent would suit you better. If you don't mind less suds, this is a very good bar of soap- you should give it a try. If I didn't have a billion bars of our own soap available for use, I would definitely purchase these for my family's use.

I am very happy with my experience with these products. I hope you will visit the Ingram family at the Mom N Pop Natural Shoppe web site to check out these and other quality products. When you do, please tell them hello for me. ♥

~ Sonja ♥

Disclaimer: The statements made in this post are my personal opinions based upon my personal experience and that of my family in using the products reviewed. No monetary compensation was received for this review. Your experience may be different than mine. 

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