Friday, January 3, 2014

A Frankfort Farm is Cracking Into the Jewelry Business...

It is not every morning that our favorite local television station, WABI Channel 5, sends a couple reporters to my door for an interview. But, yesterday morning, John Krinjak and Mark Rediker were a welcome sight. They braved the below freezing temperatures to visit our homestead to talk with our family about our Mosaic Eggshell Jewelry and meet the beloved poultry and water fowl behind our designs.

Even having some experience in the past with news coverage (from working with D&L Management for the last 7 years), I was nervous. I wasn't preparing or using talking points about someone else. This was about US. All the "what if"s you could imagine were coursing through our heads. We had nothing to be worried about. They clearly knew what they were doing; which shots they'd need to create a professional and engaging news report, and came prepared with questions ready. John and Mark put us at ease immediately. We spent a lovely couple hours chatting about our farm's past, our dreams for the future, and our life as it is now.

The final result was even better than we hoped. We are very pleased to share the link to WABI TV's coverage.  And, also this video of the news story:


We want to express our sincere thanks to WABI Channel 5 for their coverage of our family's growing farm.

Celtic Moon Rising
Local neighbors can see original Lally Broch Farm Mosaic Eggshell Jewelry at several locations: Celtic Moon Rising in Brewer, Maine, Silkweeds in Searsport, Maine and Out of the Woods in Belfast, Maine.

Neighbors not living locally, can visit our Lally Broch Farm Etsy Shop online.

This is a sample of what you'll find. ♥

"Anya" pendant set $40.00

"Kisses" earrings $15.00
"Aurora Borealis" pendant $20.00

"Antiquities" pendant $20.00
"Naihm" pendant set $40.00


  1. Awesome - so cool and certainly deserving! I really think your egg-shell jewelry is unique and beautiful! Best wishes,

  2. Sonja and Sean, you are getting some well deserved recognition! Very good publicity and the jewelry looks fantastic

  3. Great giveway! Thanks so much for the chances to win