Wednesday, March 27, 2013

While Sean Was Away...

Yesterday was a busy and exciting day around here. First, I finished 5 new small eggshell pendants, 1 mosaic egg, 6 new Farm Chick Chic Rope Scarves, and 12 new Rope Necklaces. (I will be adding these to our Etsy Shop with pictures shortly.) Additionally, we had other farm sales in the form of cheese, eggs, and some individual goose eggs ordered. And, the article on Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) I wrote for the April/May issue of From Scratch Magazine went live. My first submission and byline, so I am very proud of that.

In the midst of all this, I am still fighting an awful respiratory thing. I knew that laying carpet, painting, and completely remodeling Meaghan's room would end with my allergies kicking up. Nearly a week later and I am still dealing with symptoms of congestion and a runny nose. Why is this important? It isn't, but I am hoping you will accept this as a reason why my living room is in such disarray. I knew that besides dusting and washing the couch covers, I also needed to vacuum and put away the clean clothes I folded onto the arm chair today. Before I spent the time doing all these chores, though, I thought, "What better time to enjoy some playtime with the babies?"

The goat kids are all thriving and growing normally. They are petted and played with regularly. In the evenings, Sean and I alternate holding two of the kids, petting them while they sleep. We are not alone in loving the new kids. Meaghan spent a few hours "training" Haddie to jump up on her lap when called. She was very successful. Now, Miss Haddie loves to bolt onto any unsuspecting lap. We don't mind a bit, but she is heavier than she looks (as the small, blue bruises on my legs attest to) and her hooves are sharper than they look. As cute as it is now, I am hoping she outgrows this before she weighs 100 pounds or more!


I planned on writing more about the chicks growing and getting their feathers, the seedlings I planted in preparation for this year's planting, and the duck and geese eggs set in the incubator, but I still have a lot of items on my "To Do" list that need attending. I'll try to update those and the other happenings around here soon. For now, I leave you with the video I spliced together this morning. I set it to some Irish fiddle music.

Thanks for visiting today. We're glad you stopped by!
Sean and Sonja ♥


  1. Awwwww! What I wouldn't give to be in your living room right now. I don't think I would get anything done at all if I had cute little goat kids to play with. I don't know how you ever leave them alone! :) I just loved that video. Put a huge smile on my face.

  2. They are so cute!!

  3. Loved the video!! I wish I could tell them apart. I think I'll watch it again and make a note of who's who.