Sunday, March 31, 2013

First Hike of the Year

Today, Sean, Meaghan and I decided to take our maiden hike up to the abandoned quarry at Mount Waldo. We hadn't gone hiking with Jane, yet and have been looking forward to a warm afternoon to do just that. We also decided to bring Hadassah with us. Jane and Hadassah had not met, so we were careful to watch them and their interaction- just in case Jane decided to take a dislike to Haddie.

Poor little Haddie did not know what to make of the outdoors, her ride in the car, nor of all the things that moved. She cried piteously for about 10 minutes straight. Eventually, we carried her part of the way when she began running the wrong direction. Silly goat! Once we reached the granite slabs, Haddie quickly decided that the outdoors was not so bad, after all. ♥

I know that this will be the first of many hikes with our goats this year.

Thanks for stopping in for a visit tonight.
Sean, Sonja, & Meaghan ♥

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  1. Looks like fun for the whole family! I'm glad to see that you are having so much fun with your goats!!

  2. That little Haddie was having a grand ole time! So cute! Abby and I enjoyed the video!!

  3. This is too cute! I love the idea of hiking with your goats. It was so sad to hear her crying, but then it looks like she enjoyed herself jumping from rock to rock. Soooo cute :)

  4. Fun! You do a pretty nice goat mama sound. :) Loved to watch all the kids jumping around on the rocks.