Friday, December 8, 2017

The First Snow is Coming

It's just after 8 pm. I am in the studio listening to the rhythmic thump of Sean's ax falling on wood. We are expecting the first snow of the year tomorrow night into Sunday morning, up to 7 inches in our area. This is nothing we can't handle, but preparation beforehand goes a long way.

Each thud says, "I will care for you." "You are safe." "I will keep you warm." I know he is tired. Days home are not the same as days off of work. Today Sean spent time cleaning the yard of summer projects and ridding it of unusable things. He repaired the sump pump for us. He picked up our car from the garage. He helped medicate and watch over a goat kid sicken with Meningeal Worm. And, returned two others who had recovered from various maladies back to their herd. He cleaned the dog room and the bathroom. He cut boards into sign stock for me. Then, he visited with my parents and our dear friend, Nancy over a family turkey dinner. It has been a busy day and I am sure he is ready to rest. Instead, he is taking a few more minutes to make sure we are cared for.

There are times my heart feels like it could burst with the love I feel for this man. This is one such moment.

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