Saturday, October 7, 2017


Ornamental Bittersweet wrapped around a dead tree branch.
The Bittersweet reached
almost all the way to the
top of this evergreen.
One of the things I look forward to each year is foraging for and collecting bittersweet. The pretty yellow berries pop open to reveal a small bright crimson interior. I love that they last that way for many months. Their colors perfectly reflect the best autumn has to offer. They just make me happy.

I make garlands by twining the willing tendrils around themselves and drape them over shelves and cabinet tops. I fill mason jars with sprigs to create tall center-pieces for my kitchen table. I make cheerful wreaths for our door.

In our first foray of the year, Sean and Kristen came with me to my favorite spot to collect our bounty. Sean was a great help in untangling its mass from the pine tree it was strangling. After we got to spend a few minutes visiting with Kristen's grandmother, Nancy.

On Thursday, I brought three wreaths with me to the Bucksport Bay Farmer's Market and they were well-received. I think I will bring more with me this week. :) That meant another trip to collect additional vines and berries. This time Meaghan and Kristen went with us. The girls helped me while Sean worked with Nancy to tame some unruly greens in her yard. We selected a spot where the bittersweet grew closer to the ground, thinking it would be easier to reach, but our selected patch was guarded by other long vines clustered with red berries and wicked thorns determined to leave us bloody for our efforts. I am calling us successful, since once more the back of the car came home full to bursting with lovely bittersweet, but all three of us girls are sporting punctures- especially me.

If you are interested in a wreath for your home, I would be delighted to create a special one just for you. They are all different and measure approximately 16-20" across. The cost is $20 plus shipping. Or, if you are local and want to select your own, you can find a selection at The Not So Empty Nest in Bangor. (I'll add other shops as I know wreaths will be available in them.)

Do you have ornamental Bittersweet growing near you? Do you ever collect it?

While we were out and about, I captured some images of Autumn from our neck of the woods. I hope you enjoy them...

Leaves turning colors



One of my favorite views. 

Sprigs make lovely center-pieces in a mason jar. 

What a difference a couple days can make. The trees are all beginning to change color.

Thanks for visiting with us. Hope you come again soon! ~Sean & Sonja ♥

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