Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Autumn Greenhouse

Before the frost, our eggplants were healthy and thriving. 
Greenhouse end wall all buttoned up.
Last night, as forecast, for the second time in three days our night time temperatures dropped to 28*-30*. Though the temperature rebounded today and is anticipated to stay unseasonable warm through the rest of the week, some of our outside garden felt the brunt of the frost and withered. Our tomatoes took a big hit~ even some of the ones living inside the greenhouse.

Sean and I used ducts tape to enclose the plastic around the ends of the greenhouse walls, but cold seeped through and touched the tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants. It appears that the damage is contained to just the tippity tops of the plants. Seeing the damage, Sean modified our plans and installed cardboard along the inside of the greenhouse ends, taped plastic along the outside and stacked bales of mulch hay across both end walls. He also set up a heater inside the greenhouse. Sean's modifications worked beautifully. There was no further damage to the delicate plants inside the greenhouse. Today I cut back the dead limbs and harvested what I could so as to not lose the nearly ripe fruit for the season. The design is not pretty or permanent, but it will get us through until he can build proper panels for the open bits.
Outside tomato plants are mostly gone. The fruits can be salvaged for marinara and salsa.
Peppers survived.
Inside the greenhouse.
I am hopeful that the plants may recover. If they don't we still have plans to replant cold tolerant veggies inside the greenhouse. I got a book about greenhouse design at the Library to help us understand how to use our newly built greenhouse to its best advantage. We have never had a successful winter garden. We may fail this year, but we are not going to let that prevent our trying. Thankfully, the stinging nettles, oregano, mints, lavender, thyme, onions, leeks, and other hardy veggies made it through. With the warm snap, we may have time yet to harvest edibles for a few more weeks.

Images from around the homestead today...

Mister, you are NOT allowed in the potager! 

Aquila is a beautiful Red Breasted Bronze tom. 

Becca and Phoebe

Our "Clean up Crew" made short work of anything green on these branches.
Miss Meaghan helped me with feeding Jsasmine this afternoon

This is what Pastured, Free Range looks like.
We don't eat our animals, so I can also add "Happy" to the list.

Benjamin *really* wants some romantic times with the does. He spent a while calling to them and blowing raspberries in their direction. Not this year, lad.

Turtle play time was supervised by Kristen today. Master Chief Donatella gets supervised outdoor time each day.
Thanks for visiting with us today, Friends. We are happy you're here.

~Sean and Sonja ♥

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