Monday, February 2, 2015

Perfect Popcorn

When the forecast looks like this every third day, a lot of time is spent inside until the storms pass. We are anticipating another dance with Mother Nature today. It appears we'll welcome another 8"-16" between now and Tuesday morning. This map is starting to look very, very familiar. It has gotten so out of hand, that Sean has broken, not only his shovel handle, but mine as well in an effort to repeatedly dig us out from under this blanket of white snow. He is bringing home a new shovel with him today.

If the power (and therefore Internet) remains intact, snow days include some family movie time and popped corn.

Courtesy of: SLWorking2 Flickr
Growing up, my family regularly watched The Wonderful World of Disney, on TV, together. This event always included Jiffy Pop, which was so cool. Remember those? They came in small tin foil pans with a handle sure to burn your hand. Standing over the stove top, you shook that pan for all you were worth once you heard that first "pop!" Minutes later, arm muscles singing, the tin foil expanded to a balloon of hot steam ready to deliver a nasty burn to the uncanny and invariably singed the popcorn. Awesome.

In later years, my parents purchased a fantastic, little hot air popcorn maker. It came complete with a cup that sat on the top to melt butter while your popcorn popped. Perfection! No more singed popcorn and scorched eyebrows. Melted butter at ready. We used that machine incessantly. I am fairly sure my parents still have it.

I grew up and moved away, had children and a family of my own. By then, microwave popcorn was widely available and convenient, if not the best tasting.  I don't know why I never purchased a hot air popper for our home. They are certainly available and not very expensive. But, we never did. Good popcorn was reserved as a treat for eating only at the cinemas. At nearly $50 a tub (I exaggerate... slightly) it was a rare treat, too.

A couple years ago while on vacation with Sean's Mom and Dad in Florida, I was reintroduced to homemade popped corn; the good stuff. Momma Twombly made hers in a pot with a lid on the stove top. Just a little oil in the bottom of the pan and within minutes, white, fluffy perfection was ready to enjoy. And we certainly did!

With the thought that maybe you will be snowed in today, too. I thought I would share this easy, easy recipe. Perhaps, you'll grab your kiddos, a family movie, and enjoy some memories.

You'll need:
* Popcorn kernels
* Olive Oil
* Pot with lid
* Your favorite Popcorn topping- we are traditionalists; butter and salt, please.

I made you a short video to see how to make Popcorn on your stove top.

Thank you for stopping in to visit today. I'm glad you came.
~Sonja ♥


  1. I like making popcorn with an air pop machine. Prior to that, I used to do it on the range. I didn't like the microwave popcorn.

    1. I agree about the microwave version. It taste like chemicals to me, now. I love the flavor of stove-top and hot air popped corn. YUM!!!! :)