Sunday, February 1, 2015

More Snow...

I am supposed to title these posts in a way that brings lots of traffic to our blog. Creative things like, "How to Process a Chicken", "Winter Animal Care", or "Planting 101". The thing is, I don't always consider that factor when I am creating a title for my day's writing. And, to be completely trutful, I never consider it when I am writing. For me, this writing is a continuation of the journal I've always kept, from the time I was old enough to want to write. It is a way to order my mind and to remember the mundane things that flesh out the life's experiences hidden away inside forgotten memories. While I am thrilled that you all visit regularly, this blog is not a typical "homesteady" type of work. I mean, I don't focus on recipes, animal care how-to's, the best way to fence a yard, or link to affiliate pages to sell you things~ though we touch on what NOT to do often enough. It is a journal. And, because that is the case, you can see a rhythm to our blog, the way you'd live it with us if you were here.

So, repetitive as it might be to relate, we have more snow falling tonight. *Gasp* Snow falling. In Maine. In January. I sure hope I didn't shock you too terribly. Take a minute to recover if you need it. I'll bide.

This new storm was originally predicted to drop between 10"-16" of wet, heavy snow on us. Then, it was downgraded to 4"-8" with the bulk of the snow hitting east of us. They should not have changed it. It has been snowing steady for more than 4 hours, heavily. We have the snow to prove it.

Sean had an apartment that needed to be completely ready for new tenants for today- though I can't image *anyone* (even hearty Mainers) would plan to move in this. Still, he worked his regular 8 hours, came home with a load of hay and bags of grain, picked up Cait from her job 20 minutes the other way, purchased some household supplies in town, cared for evening chores and went back to work until midnight. This morning, he was back up at 6 am and is back working at the apartment now, installing the last door knobs and washing the floors. My man works hard and never complains about it. It's one of the reasons it is so easy to love him.

My purpose in relating this is that knowing Sean was going to have a busy day ahead of him and that
The barn guineas sang loudly as I approached.
the snow was not going to make his life any easier, I wanted to help where I could. I bundled up and ventured outside in the morning to check on the animals and prepared some high-energy treats for them. For the birds in our care, I cooked a huge pot of oatmeal mixed with wheat germ, corn flour, raisins, almonds, banana and pumpkin seeds. For the goats and piggie, I sliced up some fresh squash, pumpkin, and banana. This didn't replace their regular meals of crumble, grain, or hay, but did give them an extra boost during the morning and meant that Sean's feeding them later in the day than usual, wouldn't be too stressful on either their bodies or on Sean's mind.

Of course, while I was outside, I took the opportunity to capture some images to share with you.

 Ebony is still insisting on sleeping at the foot of the stairs. Behind the stairs is completely empty, warmer (it is on an inside wall), and safe from the hazard of booted feet taking a misstep. But, can we convince her to move? Nope. She is not having any of that! She didn't bother to even open an eye as I poked around. She just continued snoring away. I hope she was having a nice dream of warm days and green pastures. I am afraid she is stuck with snow and cold in the real world.

Our toms were anxious to see if I had anything good to eat with me. They are such fussy eaters, though. Any new food has to be introduced several times and eaten in their sight by the other birds before out turkeys will even consider trying it. Like finicky children, they are! It is a wonder that they fend for themselves so well in the wild. Yet, they do. Perhaps their wild counterparts are less picky?

Bailey was interested to see what I had for the goats and found Asher's latest wall break-through a convenient spot from which to watch me. Who needs doors? There is no point in mending this at present since it only leads to the stall housing the does Asher has already impregnated this year- we hope! But, it will need to be fixed before spring and kidding. Another project to put on the always fluctuating "to do" list.

I spent the afternoon completing tax paperwork, supervising school work, finishing house work, and editing video. I knew Sean was not going to be home until late, so Molly and I went out together to check on things before she and I retired. With as much snow as has fallen, you would think that Molly would be used to it, but she remains enchanted. She romped happily while I captured images and video, barking and romping through the snow.

This snow fall is wet and heavy compared to the light, fluffy fall of a few days ago. It is the perfect consistency for fort building or snowman making. I made a mental note of suggesting that activity to Sean- maybe for Sunday afternoon.

It has been snowing steadily for over 12 hours and even in the dark, the geese and ducks were unwilling to call it a night and put themselves to bed. Well, if they were uninterested in the shelter of the coop, it wasn't terribly cold out. I left them to their whims.
9 pm January 30. Snow is *still* falling heavily!

While he was gone, Sean left me to keep the home fires burning, quite literally. We all appreciate the warmth our wood stove affords us. After a long day at work, the last thing Sean should have to do is deal with dragging in firewood for heat. So, Kristen and Meaghan pitched in to keep the wood box filled and I tended the fire to keep it pumping out heat all day and into the evening. The birch Sean cut up this summer burns hot and slow. Look at that gorgeous bed of coals.

Molly thinks she is a great help with the wood especially when it comes to making kindling. For the record, she is mistaken. I call her "termite" because when we are not looking, Molly often drags large pieces of wood from the box or rack and then chews them into splinters all over the floor. What would be convenient is if she would run to the wood stack outside and bring in wood for us. I would give her serious extra credit points if she could stack the wood neatly in the wood box. While I am certain that I could train her to do this trick, it seems easier at the moment to reinforce the command, "Leave it."

We woke Saturday morning to over a foot of new snow blanketing the yard, driveway, and paths previously cleared. It continued snowing heavily until about one in the afternoon. It appears now that Mother Nature has gotten into gear, we have some winter weather in store for us. The next storm is due on Tuesday. I guess we ought to start thinking about where we are going to put it!

The new snow is lovely to look upon. It was less lovely to feel. Once the snow ended, a cold front came through and froze everything over. Temperatures dropped back to hovering on either side of zero. But bathed in the glow of a stunning sunset Saturday night, it was hard to complain.

Even Molly seemed ready to enjoy it. ♥

Safe inside and warm, I confess, I don't mind the snow. It gives us a chance to snuggle up and watch movies, play games, or time to create. These are some of my favorites from this week:

I especially love these because of the swirl of the sterling silver of the earrings combined with the vibrant colors of the painted eggshell drops. I just think they are so cute! And, I am very proud and happy with how these pine trees turned out. They are exactly what I envisioned when I sat down to paint them. That almost never happens. Usually, I think I am painting one thing, but then something else appears and I go with it. Right down to the shadows of the pine needles, the detail in the tree trunk, and the soft green background, these are exactly what I wanted them to be.

Thanks for visiting with us today friends. I hope you come again. :)

Sonja ♥

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