Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tasmanian & A Chick

The chick was relaxed enough to immediately fall asleep on Tasmanian's back. Tas looks less comfortable about the situation.

I would never trust them alone together, but we are constantly amazed how our cats- who are predators... who routinely earn their keep catching and killing moles, mice, and weasles... who are inclined to bring in kestrels, robins, and swallows... neither hunt our yard bunny nor show the slightest interest in our chicks of various sizes. It is as if they can distinquish what "belongs" on our farm and what does not.

Again, I would not have left them alone together. But, as long as I was right there, Tas was a good sport about this photo shoot.

I know I posted already once today, but I felt like I should balance my earlier post with this cute one.

Sonja ♥


  1. Soo cute! That one is suitable for framing too!

  2. So sweet! That little chick is passed out cold! I love how sleepy they are when they're little.