Friday, March 5, 2021

Hiking with Goats 2021

Spring is less than 30 days away and it is time to start planning for the new season. Activities like: starting seeds for the garden, planning building projects, repairing winter damages, improving fencing, continuing towards completing our creamery and getting licensed. Important things. Things that take both time and money. 

It is also time to look forward to hosting family, friends, and visitors in safe, distanced, private and semi-private farm visits. In 2020, we navigated the limited hosting of individuals and became practiced with social distancing, wearing masks, and setting up hand-washing stations. For 2021, we are going to continue in the same vein. 

Our first dates for Goat Snuggling and Hiking with Goats are up and active on our square space web site. Click below to see dates/times and reserve your special time with us.

Goat Snuggling 2021: 
Book a visit to the farm and interact with the goats and the other animals who make their home here. Your semi-private experience is limited to no more than 10 people per time slot (to allow for social distancing). The first 30 minutes is an informative, guided tour to meet the animal residents of Lally Broch Farm: feed the geese and ducks, find fresh laid eggs, watch the peacocks, and feed the piggies before meeting the stars of the show, 2021's bouncy goat kids- 16 have been born so far this season! The last half hour is self-guided. Hang out in the fields with the goats or revisit an animal that was extra special to you. Our studio and creamery spaces will be open for you, too. Sample cheeses. Browse soaps, lotions, lip balms, totes or the unique jewelry we create with eggshells. We offer 20% discount during Goat Snuggling days.


Hiking with Goats Experiences 2021
We are looking forward to hosting your family of up to 6 people for a completely private farm tour and guided goat hike up Mount Waldo to the quarry at the top. Your 2.5 hour experience begins with an educational and interactive hour long tour of the farm where you will interact with the animals who live here, including ducks, geese, doves, peacocks, heritage turkeys, chickens, Vietnamese pot belly pigs, and of course, goats and their happy, bouncy kids. Spend a little time in the pasture getting to know the goats within the herd while our family packs a snack of our own freshly made cheeses, local breads & crackers, in season fruits, and home made lemonade to enjoy at the peak. We'll choose the most suitable goats and kids to come with us for your adventure. Once people and goats are safely loaded up, you'll follow us in your vehicle to Mt. Waldo (5 minutes away) where you and your new goat companions will enjoy a guided half mile hike. 

There are two turn outs with spectacular views along the trail. These make excellent places to stop for pictures or to rest, if needed. The path is quite steep, but we have hosted children as young as 3 years old and adults into their 70's. The trail is not wheel chair accessible. Though we hike at your pace, it may not be a suitable activity for those who are not able to walk unassisted. If you have concerns, please call (207-323-4982) or email us ( so we can help guide you in booking this adventure or amending the tour to fit your needs. Our goal is to provide a safe, educational, interactive experience for your family to enjoy. :)


It may not seem like it when the thermometer is hovering around 14*, but Spring *is* coming, Friends. With the year we've all lived through, it is the perfect time to do something special, like visit our homestead. We would love to host your family. 

Thanks for visiting with us, Friends. We are thankful for your company.
Sean & Sonja

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