Monday, February 8, 2016

The Best Laid Plans...

There is never enough time in the day to get done all that I plan. Today was a shining example of that. Sean and I intended to drive to a friend's house in Abbot, Maine to pick up seven, 1 year-old hens and then stop in Bangor on our way home to pick up heavy hinges for Asher's new stall and our son, Brian for a lunch visit. At home, I planned to help Sean install the hinges, take pictures and video of the new stall manger arrangement- which we LOVE, and update you all on those sweet goat kids. I had six batches of soap to package and some earrings to finish while Sean cleared spider webs *shudder* from the barn ceiling. Easy day.

Anna and her son, 3/4 lamancha 1/4 nigerian dwarf 
Instead, the day began with Sean bringing in a dripping wet, freshly delivered goat kid. Number 9 for the season. The PERFECT combination of color and ears that I am trying to breed here, except it is a buck. *Sigh* I am thrilled that Anna kidded so easily and that her buck seems healthy, especially since we hadn't intended on breeding her until next year. Sean has especially worried over her well being. She showed us. She wasn't showing signs of labor at 3 am when Sean last checked out things in the barn and her kid greeted him a couple hours later. She had already passed the placenta and was busily eating hay from the newest manger, oblivious to her kid curled up on the floor, snoozing next to Lily. While I finished cleaning off this latest addition, Sean moved Anna, Naomi and the kid to our vacant 4th kidding stall. A little late, but the stall will afford Momma and kid some privacy and time to get to know each other without being trampled by the rest of the herd. We let Naomi join Anna since she has strong mothering instincts and was interested in helping to clean off her grand-kid. Besides this, Naomi is due to kid out herself in the next couple weeks and we are running out of empty stalls! :) We waited until the newest kid had latched on for necessary colostrum and was resting before we left for Mission Chicken Relocation.

This surprise addition put us an hour and a half behind when we wanted to leave for Abbot, which is an hour and a half drive north. We messaged Sarah to let her know we were on our way and Brian to let him know we would be later than originally planned and set off on our adventure. Thankfully our GPS sent us all the way around the barn to get there so it took us nearly two hours!?!?!?! Despite the added time, it was a nice drive. Mission Chicken Relocation went off without trouble and before too long, seven lovely ladies were settled inside a large dog kennel in the back of the van.

On the way to Bangor to pick up those heavy hinges, merging onto I 95, we got into a fender bender. Sean very nearly avoided the crash with quick thinking and reflexes, but the car behind us pushed a third car into our passenger side door. Thankfully, no people or chickens were injured, but I felt bad for the other two cars that were towed away. We had to reschedule our lunch with Brian, too.

By the time the police came and got everyone settled and we drove from the scene, ran our errands and got back home, it was 4:30 pm instead of 1 pm. Sean and I set quickly to afternoon chores, checked on those sweet kids, and finally got into the house around 6 pm. While I worked on a short video for you all and packaged soaps, Sean made us grilled cheese sandwiches and warmed the tomato soup I made yesterday for our dinner. After dinner we finished the soap packaging and I am stealing a couple minutes to write this for you.

Tomorrow is another day. I think we'll stay around here for the day- the 3-5 inches of snow we're supposed to get overnight will make that an extra appealing proposal. I hope to get those earrings finished and perhaps get another post written for you. There is so much happening that we want to share with you. For now, I leave you with this short video of goat kid cuteness.

Thanks for visiting with us tonight, friends. We're glad you are here.
Sonja ♥


  1. So glad you are ok----hope you have a more peaceful day today, at home......the goaties are wonderful---fingersand toescrossed for girlbabies now....xoxoj

  2. Best laid plans....Life is an adventure that takes us to all sorts of places for us to experience, a journey to learn from and reflect upon. Hope the rest of the week goes more smoothly for you.