Wednesday, February 17, 2016

It Rains and It Pours...

The adage says, "If you don't like the weather in Maine, wait a minute. It will change." Over the weekend, our temperatures plummeted to -30* degrees. By Monday, the brutal cold eased and we climbed to +8* degrees. Tuesday saw the temperature increase to nearly 50* degrees during the day, but with the warmer temperatures came gusting winds up to 50 MPH and torrential rains through the night. We woke this morning to survey the damage.

All the safety walls collapsed.
Thomas and Lazarus
My first thought was that we had suffered a predator attack over night. My stomach dropped and I felt sick at the thought. I stood in the kitchen window, imaging the horror of dead or missing turkey babies. It was not an attack. The destruction was caused by the brute force of the winds tearing apart 2x4 framed, wire panels. We are very thankful that all of the turkeys are unharmed. They met me at the top of the field. And are wandering the yard, as normal, right now. But, that fencing must be repaired.

The Waldo County Woodshed Shelter Disaster
The second casualty we discovered was the heavy duty shelter Sean and I built and staked down in November. It belongs, along with the wood it covered, to The Waldo County Wood Shed. Sean surveyed the damage. It seems the covering might be salvageable and if they sell replacement parts, the main supports which twisted, bent and are ruined may be able to be replaced. With a heavy heart, I contacted the coordinator to report the trouble. :( No one was injured. That is most important, but these are not the things I want to wake up to. It does NOT make for a good start to the morning.

With nothing else to do, we set to work. While we waited for the hardware store to open, Sean and I put our backs into manual labor. We cleaned out the entire barn and all its stalls. I cleared the horse stall, the main doe stall and the buck stall; Sean cleared the kidding stalls. Fresh shavings and new bales of hay filled me with a feeling of setting something to right. It looked good and smelled good. I accomplished something. A deep breath, a trip to the store and a plan for the afternoon to clean up the mess and repair what we could did much to restore my spirits.

We'll be hosting a sale in the next few days. We need to make us some money! Stay tuned on our Lally Broch Farm facebook page for that.

And, there are these to remind me to smile:

Nyota and Spock. She is almost the inverse of him in terms of coloring. While she is white with black spots and brown legs, he is black with white spots and brown legs. And they both have the sweetest outlined ears! We are going to offer this pair for sale this season once they are weaned. If you are interested, please drop me a message. :)

So that is what is going on in our world. :)

Thanks for visiting today friends. We are glad you are here.

Sean and Sonja


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    1. It isn't ideal, but it could have been worse, so we are considering ourselves blessed. :)