Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Sweater Mittens: A Gift to Warm my Heart (and Fingers)

 I got a package in the mail on Monday. I wasn't expecting anything and I didn't recognize the address. Strange. I opened the package to reveal hand-made sweater mittens, created by my friend, Jean Fink- just for me.

I have brown hair and often wear browns with purples, so she could not have chosen a better color combination for me. The sweet embellished flower on the cuff made me smile. I tried them on immediately and modeled them for Sean.

Sean remarked, "That Jean is good people." And, she is. Not because she took the time to make me a pair of mittens, but because in making me mittens, she took the time to show she cares about me. Every time I wear them, I will think of my friend, Jean, and remember her thoughtfulness.

Now, here is the irony. Sean and I planned to take the girls mitten and sock shopping this weekend. We already have coats, hats, scarves, and boots, but we could all use new warm socks for our feet and at least one good pair of gloves or mittens for our fingers. I hadn't publicized our plans. How did she know what I needed? Perhaps she didn't. Perhaps this was just a happy accident. I don't really believe that. I look at every opportunity to act in kindness as a way to be used as a blessing to someone else, therefore every kindness done towards me is a blessing, too. I doubt Jean knew how deeply touched I would be by her thoughtful gesture. I hope she knows now. Thank you for taking time to create for me my favorite pair of mittens ever and for reminding me to continue to look for blessings wherever they might be found.
If you know of someone in your life who might love a heart-warming, hand-crafted pair of mittens, Jean's creations can be found on her Etsy shop, woolart.

Thanks for stopping in for a visit today, friends. I am so glad you are here.

~Sonja ♥

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  1. Another lovely post. I am so glad you like your mittens--it made my week to be able to make them. One of the greatest benefits of a handmade life is being able to make a surprise giftie for someone special. One of the things I have learned about you is that your first response to someone in need is "How can I help?". It is a supreme joy to be able to make and give you something to warm your winter and your heart. Blessings, dear one.