Friday, November 13, 2015

I Can Do Anything, But Not Everything...

~David Allen
Last year, my motto was, "Not my circus; not my monkeys". Cute and relevant for those of us who are born the eldest child and besides that, are completely convinced that we can fix the world's troubles- one crisis at a time. I name no names. *cough cough* Me.

woolart Monkey
This year, I am adopting a new saying, "I can do anything I want, but not everything I want". We have less than a week before this year's pop up shop, Creatively Maine, opens in Bucksport with me in the roll of ring master and all around monkey wrangler. In the midst of trying to get ready for winter here, and doing all the regular activities it takes to help Sean make this homestead work, I have significant time and effort poured into promoting not only myself, but 45 (and that list is growing daily) other talented local artisans. Most of these folks are people I've met working markets and shows through the year. They are people whose craftsmanship I admire. They are people, like Jean Fink of woolart, or Shea Rolnick of Gentle Meadow Goat Farm that I genuinely care about. I know what this venture's success or failure means to our family and to the artisans and their families. Sean assures me it is not the case, but sometimes, in the wee hours of the morning, I feel that the success or failure of *all of this* depends solely upon me. On the choices I made on who is involved in this year's shop. On the price I negotiated for  the rent of our space. On the advertising and promoting I can do. On the appeal of our website and whether people "like" our Creatively Maine facebook page. On whether a shelf looks better on this wall or that. On each and every display arranged to encourage someone to spend their hard-earned money with us instead of at Walmart, Target, or wherever else they might be inclined to shop. Between you and I... I am not sure that I am enough.

I started getting massive tension headaches a week ago, stressed over trying to help everyone in my path. I took a couple of aspirin (okay, a bottle of aspirin) and ignored the headaches. "This initial set up phase is relatively short. Once the shop actually opens, the stress level and list of things needing to be cared for will ease", I convinced myself. Last Tuesday's full-blown migraine with all the bells and whistles, gave me the wake up call I was in desperate need of. Sean warned me I was taking on too much. I knew I was taking on too much. But, sometimes it takes a little "congnitive recalibration" to reset a body. Well, this body. I *am* the kind of person that sometimes needs to be "hit over the head" to stop and think about a situation and then make some changes.

Oh Rachel. What a face! ♥
One necessary change for me was learning to say the hardest word in the English language... "No."

I am still determined to make a success of all the projects I am involved with, but I sat down and mentally figured out some guidelines for myself and some boundaries. I gave myself "office hours" to care for things shop related. No one complained about my not being there 24/7. I said "No" to some special requests asked of me. And, the world did not stop. The people asking managed to work their issues out and life ticked on. I asked other artisans to pitch in when the need arose. And, they did. I allowed myself time to spend with Sean and our daughters. I threw a stick for Molly. The "chore" of feeding the animals (which I had released to Sean a week ago) was taken back. I like spending that time with my animals and releasing that to Sean made me feel disconnected from this homestead and my life. I captured some video and took some pictures to share with you. Without the unnecessary stress, I painted some new pendants and that felt wonderful. (They'll be posted to our facebook page later today). I added in time for myself to eat and sleep. This coming Saturday morning I have plans to spend time with our family in our ministry. So, it has only been 3 days. And, I know me. The other things will come encroaching. But, Sean is here to help me to be balanced and to take care of me, so that I can keep helping others.
Our Pop Up Shop is only open for 7 weeks, but I can tell you that it will be filled to the brim with wonderful, quality hand-made creations. We get the keys on November 19th and Open our doors for the first time this year on November 23 at 11 am. Local friends, we are looking forward to sharing our work with you in person. Far Away Friends, please visit us online. We'll gift wrap and ship! In contrast to last year, we won't be updating "shop news" here. This page is remaining dedicated to all things homesteady and farmish.

That is what is going on in our world. Thanks for visiting with us today, friends. I am so happy you are here.

~Sonja ♥

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