Wednesday, September 17, 2014

If One is Good, Two Must be Better...

Kristen kitten, Roamer.
As Sean likes to state, "If one is good, more must be better!" Usually this is employed in response to something ludicris. It was uttered this evening and yet did not change his decision. It brings me great comfort to know that though we each carry a different brand of crazy around in our heads, we both embrace and accept that crazy and move along to the action that it often dictates. Such was the case tonight.

We decided it would save us time tonight to pick up some hay for the goats instead of moving them to the back for grazing. We have tomatoes ripening faster that I can preserve them. Tonight is salsa making time or as we have been referring to it all week: Date Night.
Meg's kitten, Acadian.
So, when we pulled into the driveway and 10 cute little fluff balls escorted us to the hay barn, what else could we do, but bring another one home with us? Honestly, I want to have a good reason for it, but I can't even convince myself; what hope have I to convince you? The sad, but realistic truth is that we are looking at probably losing perhaps three of our working cats within the next few months to a year to old age. And, Kristen has done such a thorough job of taming Roamer that I can barely get anything accomplished without her scaling my leg to settle into my lap for some petting and love. Perhaps a sister kitty would distract her attention from my paints (which she has strewn off my desk and all over the floor), my hair (a favorite chew toy to attack without provocation or adequate notice), or my laptop (her preferred napping spot). Maybe Roamer will lose interest in scaling everything from product laden book cases and drying racks to my precarious stack of receipts and business expenses. I have no basis to believe this, but perhaps kitties are like goats and they do better in pairs.

In line with naming Roamer after one of Grandpa's boats, Meg has named her kitten Acadian, after another of them. The girls are smitten. And, that matters a great deal to us. So, this is how we have come to have two sweet and highly active, purring balls of fur tearing up the house.  It has been a week and I confess, here may have been a flaw in our logic, though for the life of me, I cannot pin down where it was we went wrong. ;)

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to rescue everything on my desk from their attention... and my curtains... and the dove... and remove them from the table... and...

Sonja ♥

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