Friday, February 5, 2021

Birth Story: Keziah and Damaris & Isaac

As we suspected, Keziah went into labor last night. It was text book in its simplicity. Within 20 minutes both kids were born and within an hour she had them cleaned, dry and nursing. If the rest of the season could go this smoothly, that would be really great. Really, really great. 

In lieu of a long story, since there really isn't much to tell. I have lots of pictures and videos to share with you. I hope you enjoy them. :) 


Getting ready to get
down to business

Isaac was born minutes later. 

I love this picture of Mom and kid looking at each other. 

Standing and looking for the milk bar. 



Damaris & Isaac, 12 hours old

Tabitha looks ready to have her kids any minute. If she has them tonight, I hope to have more videos and pictures to share with you tomorrow. Stay tuned! 

Thanks for joining us today, Friends. We are happy for your company!
Sean & Sonja

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