Sunday, March 8, 2020

It's Been A Minute...

I haven't written in too long. I wanted to for a while and life moved along. I felt guilty that I never carved out the time to update our website and life moved along. I closed my laptop and put it away and life moved along. I felt the tug to rekindle this journal and life moved along. Some pretty major events happened since I last thought to include you in our world. Our youngest two daughters graduated from High School. Sean's Dad dedicated himself to Jehovah and symbolized that dedication in baptism. We added peafowl to the homestead. Our herd of dairy goats grew to around 50 (!) and we framed out and roughed in our new Creamery and Milk room. Sean worked for himself for all of 2019. Our family spent 9 days in Florida. We added two new vehicles and a hay trailer to our name. It's been a minute.

Creamery build
We had some challenges and losses, too. If you have been following us on Facebook, you've seen those we've shared. I contracted Lyme's Disease and it took (it's still taking?) time to regain myself. Though I am mostly "me" again, the dread that it could come back unsettles me. New mental scars to match the physical ones acquired. My determination took a punch, but slowly I am accepting my new "normal".

One positive I took away was necessary and critical re-evaluation of our life- the time and energy we use in worship, in providing for our family, and in recreational activities. Honest reflection leads to making thoughtful choices so we can reach our goals. It relieves the guilt of saying, "No" to things that take our time, energy, and money and don't add to our joy. Changes have been made and continue to be made, one of them brings me here. I have missed sharing our journey with all of you.

I won't promise to meet deadlines, to fill certain content, or anything else- except that I *will* write again. As often as I can without it becoming a chore or a burden. If you are following us on Facebook- we appreciate it- and we'll continue posting memes, pictures, and quick snippets there. Once in a blue moon, I also share to Instagram, too. But, if you are looking for more depth, if you want to be immersed in our life, join us right here. ♥

Thanks for visiting with us today, Friends. I've missed you.
Sonja ♥

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