Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Why Our Homestead Wants a Security System

Sean and I have had several conversations about getting a wireless camera system for the homestead this year. We want this for several reasons. With another kidding season upon us, along with attempting to have hard due dates for the does, we must check the barn around the clock to be able to assist should a problem arise. And they do.

* Breech births
* Kid too large to be born normally
* Kids born in the freezing cold temperatures can quickly succumb to hypothermia
* Accidents
* A mother in distress

These are just some of the things that can go wrong. Things happen. You do your best to mitigate the chance of them and deal with them as best you can when they do. Having a working camera system in the barn, coop, and buck yards would go a long way towards the good-health and well-being of both the animal residents and humans on this homestead. Getting up every hour or two through the night makes for a sleep deficit that is starting to take its toll on Sean and I. It just is.

Then, there is you. We want to be able to share live footage and video. Not every minute of every day. This is our home and we don't wish to live inside a fish bowl. (Though 99.9 % of you are delightful, there are those who would message me every time a goat poops in their stall. Seriously, poop happens. It gets cared for regularly, but not every second. We don't need multiple messages alerting us to it but I digress... ) There are many times we invite you in, to be part of what we do. It would be lovely to have a camera (or several) to turn on inside the barn for when we want to share a live kidding with you. Or, we want to leave a feed on of goat kids playing and napping. Maybe you would enjoy watching the pasture as the goats browse in the woods and play on their equipment. With wireless cameras, you could even join us in the gardens or as we construct fencing.

Finally, there is the thought of security; both from predators that might attack our animals and from people. We live in a rural community, but the times are a changin' and we must be ready to meet those changes.

There are many systems on the market. Because our homestead is spread out and running cords is not feasible, a wireless system would be best. Because we want to use the systems inside barns where dirt and dust do occur, we want a system that can stand up to some wear and tear. Because this is an investment in our homestead's future and we are too poor to buy cheap, we want a quality system. Because we want to be able to invite you into our world via the internet and live feeds, we need a system capable of doing that.

We found the system we want to buy. It runs about $600 once we purchase all the add-ons that will allow us to be able to stream it for you.

To buy "wants", not "needs", we often host sales or try to save money in other ways to pay for it. Neither Sean nor I use credit cards. We buy as we can, build as we go. And, we are thankful for all we have. To fund this project, starting today, we are going to run a series of FLASH SALES on our Lally Broch Farm Facebook Page. If you aren't already a fan, please visit us and give us a "like" and a "follow". The first sale is going to feature our popular Bee's Wax Wraps™ and select pieces of original Eggshell Jewelry. Other sales will follow until we reach our goal of being able to purchase this system. The First FLASH SALE is up and live HERE.

As an extra thank you for helping us reach this lofty goal, after you purchase an item, comment on whether you would like to be entered into a drawing for (1) a seat in one of our fun, educational Soap Making Classes, or (2) a guided Hiking with Goats experience, or (3) a Grain Bag Tote filled with homestead goodies. We will be drawing one name for each of the three bonus prizes.

Keep your eyes peeled for the first of the Security Camera Fund Raising Sales in the next 24 hours. They will be posted only on our Facebook Page. 
Thanks for visiting with us, Friends. We are thankful for your company.
Sean and Sonja ♥

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