Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Bee's Wax Wraps Give Away

Y'all it's been a little bit since I have had the time to write. And, I have a ton of things to fill you in on, but not the time to do them justice today, either. Today, I want to talk with you about the cool things happening to us in the land of retail. Sean and I and our friend, Benny participated in a BIG wholesale show in Pennsylvania at the beginning on February. It was awesome and exciting. We learned some and won some. We are happy to say that you can find our products now in 17 shops across the United States. Our goal is to grow to 50 shops by the end of the year. It is a reachable goal, but one that takes time to achieve.

I am going to spend a little time introducing you to the shops where you can find us. I thought a fun way to do that was to host a GIVE-AWAY. This first one will feature our Lally Broch Farm Bee's Wax Wraps. Our wraps are created from 100% cotton and Bee's Wax. I use them every day. No joke. I preserve left-overs from meals in bowls and cover them with wraps. I wrap up cheese and snacks in them. Sean's lunch sandwiches get wrapped in one. Because the bee's wax has permeated the cotton, whether I send him with tuna fish, buffalo chicken or PB&J, any mess rinses clean and I can reuse them the next day. Easy Peasy. I love them and I think you will, too. If you haven't tried them, now is your chance to win a set of six: two large 12x12 wraps and four small 9x9 wraps. If you have a set and love them, now is your chance to win yourself another one.

It is super easy to enter. All I ask you to do is visit the Facebook pages of the shops that are stocking our wraps. Give them a "like" if you haven't already. Write them a comment about why you want to try the wraps or how you like yours if you already own some. Or, just give them a friendly, "Hello." Lastly, please share the chance to win with your friends and family by sharing the give-away on your fb page. EVERY FB page you like and comment on is another entry to win. I am giving away 10 sets of wraps- one for each shop that carries them. The give-away ends on Saturday night at Midnight and we'll draw for winners on Sunday afternoon.

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If you don't have FB, you can enter by visiting our Etsy Shop and clicking the "Favorite Shop" button. Please, leave us a comment on this post so we'll know to manually add you to the drawing list. :)

Thanks for visiting, Friends. So glad you're here. ♥
Sean and Sonja 


  1. Love love love your products! Snapper towels,soap etc.

  2. I'm so excited!! W
    Do I message you my address?