Wednesday, March 16, 2016

WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES~ Hadassah Kids Twin Does

The time has come for the second round of kiddings on the homestead. Hadassah (Haddie) is the first of this group to kid. We are expecting Bailey and Naomi to follow her any day now, but goats being the creatures they inherently are, it could be another month. We'll let you know about any new kids as they arrive.

Haddie's labor went almost textbook perfectly. The only strange element was that the first "bubble" presented, was not the first kid delivered. And, that "bubble" did not break until the second kid arrived. A little strange, but since we have two healthy, beautiful does to show for the laboring, we will not complain. (The "bubble" is the amniotic sac containing the kid(s).) In these images, you can see the intact bubble below the second bubble holding Mackenzie, the first kid actually born. The second kid is still inside her unbroken "bubble" almost ready to be completely born. It was strange and another first for us. Usually, a "bubble" presents, a kid starts to emerge and we hold our breaths until we see 2 hooves and a nose. We keep holding our breaths until that kid moves in any fashion. Then, with a sigh of relief we wait in case we are needed, but basically, we let nature do its thing.

We hope you enjoy the video and images of Hadassah's kidding. Since I caught the second doe, I only got pictures of her being born.

MacKenzie, Oberhausli-Lamancha doe, 7 pounds
Miss MacKenzie was READY to move when she was born. She stood within minutes of her birth, found her Momma's udder, latched on and nursed with no assistance from us.

As lovely as she is, MacKenzie is not for us to keep. She will be paired with Mason and we'll find her a great home with folks who want to raise dairy goats.

We thought to pair the second doe born with Kirk because of her coloring and planned to name her Marimanee (Mari) accordingly. After considering it for a bit, we decided to pair her with Theodore (Teddy) instead. They have lovely complimentary coloring and both of them have full ears, where Kirk was born with lamancha elf ears. They are also very evenly tempered; as goats go, these two are laid back and sweet. That being the case, we are going to call our champagne coated doeling, Brice.
Brice (Oberhausli-Lamancha) doe, weight 7 pounds
We'll have lots of new images of these two in the days and weeks to come. Thanks for visiting with us tonight, friends. We're really happy you are here!

Sean & Sonja ♥

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  1. They are absolutely adorable! Congratulations.