Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Give Away, Give Away!

During the month that we hosted the Creatively Maine Pop Up Shop in Bucksport, one of the extra special incentives we offered was a PRIZE package filled with items donated from the artisans within the shop. We didn't talk it up too much online, since it was mainly available by visiting us at the shop. That can be difficult if you live in places as far away (or further than) High Point, NC,  Mountain View, CA or Liverpool, PA .

But, a winner has been randomly selected by which selected a number between one and 293. It selected number 144. The winner of our prize package is Kim Laplant.  This is what Kim won:

1. CD of original music from Shawn Mercer $10.-
2. Organic soy scent tarts from Lally Broch Farm $12.-
3. Glass Lampwork Bead Earrings from Blueberry Bay Beads $30.-
4. Crocheted Alpaca/Silk Necklace with Glass Beads from Sarah Nugent $25.-
5. Two Bend-wood Heart Wreaths from The Woodshaper Shop of Maine $25.-
6. Cat Toy with Catnip from Ratz 4 Catz $20.-
7. Polymer Tree of Life Pendant from Laughing Llama Beads $18.-
8. Silver & Crystal Drop Earrings from Foxfire Design Studio $22.-
9. Retired Wine Barrel Wine Caddy from Verona Wine & Design $19.-
10. Tissues-To-Go Pack from Nancy Heald $2.-
11. Two Wooden Guitar Picks from Riff Wood Picks $20.-
12. Felted Vase from Rose Whitehead Fiber Fabrication $25.-
13. Retired Wine Barrel Business Card Holder from Verona Wine & Design $7.-
14. Votive Candle and Melts from Silkweeds $10.-
15. Two Goat's Milk Soaps from Gentle Meadow Goat Farm $10.-
16. Knit Cowl from Creations by Rose $12.-
17. Mosaic Eggshell Pendant Set by Lally Broch Farm $30.-
18. 30 Minute Massage from Cloud 9 Massage $30.-
19. Flower Set from Creations by Rose $18.-
20. Greeting Card from Amy Thompson $4.-

*****  Total Value $349! *****

Now, our friends in cyber-space have a chance to win some fantastic prizes, too! I have teamed up with Chris from Riff Wood Picks and Cherie from Cherrie Creations to offer you chance to win some cool loot. This is what you can win:

Five chances to win ONE of the pictured Riff Wood Picks created by Chris Gray. Riff Wood Picks make great gift picks for guitar, bass, and mandolin, and are hand made in Maine, USA. The combination of beautiful hardwoods, both local and exotic, create a unique and artistic pick that has the wonderful tone that only natural wood can deliver! Chris's hope is that those who give and those who receive one will each find joy in them. Visit Riff Wood Picks on Etsy and see their complete line of picks and other hardwood goods. :) Five readers will win one pick each, valued at $10 each.

Using paper products to clean up messes around the homestead is a pet-peeve of mine. I want to remember to reuse when I can, but honestly, I am guilty of using paper and throwing it away. We can go through A LOT of them in a week. I switched to cleaning cloths created from the remnants of towels or face cloths that had seen better days. They work to cut down on waste, but often they go missing. They'd get thrown away or our resident "Sock Monster" would eat them.

This is where my talented friend, Cherie came into the picture. I can sew, but it is not a great love of mine. I explained to Cherie what I was looking for and she created the perfect solution. Snapper Towels were born. These are the same size as traditional paper towels. The front of the cloths are a pretty cotton pattern; the back is absorbent terry cloth. They snap together to form a handy, reusable, eco-friendly, "green" roll of towels. The size of the towels combined with the heft of the snaps make sure that when a towel goes into the wash, it comes back out again. For light clean up, for example; drying water from counter tops, I simply snap the wet cloth back onto the roll and let hang to dry and reuse. For dirty messes, into the wash they go. Each roll has 12 towels.

Our 100% Cotton Bee's Wax Wraps are the perfect companion item for households who, like me, are concerned about the potential of BPA, estrogen, and other compounds leaching from some plastic products. I wondered what people used to use before the convenience of cling wrap. The answer I found that intrigued me the most was "homespun and bee's wax". After a little trial and error, I developed my own spin on that concept. I create colorful Bee's Wax Wraps using 100% cotton and bee's wax, a naturally antibiotic substance. Since the wax permeates the cotton, food particles do not stick to it. To wash, just rinse with lukewarm water and hang to dry before reusing. With usage, the waxed surface will naturally show signs of wear and foxing. To revitalize them, simply place them in a warm, sunny spot to melt and redistribute the wax. (You can also use your microwave oven to do this, but be sure to cover your surface to protect it from melting wax.) Each roll of Bee's Wax Wraps contain 2 large 11" x 11" squares (perfect to wrap around casserole dishes, larger plates or to wrap sandwiches in) and 4 small 9" x 9" squares.

We've been selling our Snapper Towels and Bee's Wax Wraps at Craft Shows and Art Markets. Now, they are available online on the Lally Broch Farm facebook page and will be coming to Etsy shortly.

One reader will win both, valued at $40 :)

Our final prize is a Lally Broch Farm Mosaic Eggshell Pendant Set. This set was painted to represent the branches of a symbolic family tree; that we are all part of one human family, interconnected. The tree is painted against a sunrise to bring to mind the dawning of a new day with all the hope that comes with it. A fresh slate. Another chance to get it right. One person will win this pendant set valued at $60.

This give-away begins at Midnight tonight and lasts until January 23rd at Midnight EST. Winners will be contacted with an announcement on this site and with another on the Lally Broch Farm facebook page. Winners have 48 hours to claim their prizes or the prize will be forfeit and a new winning name will be randomly drawn.

How to enter? Just use the link below!

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  1. I love everything about your page, your products, your artisan friends, & the shop you had in Bucksport! Wish it was closer to me, but at least it was in Maine & I made it once! Thanks for the dolphin earrings!

  2. I'm a distance from Maine, but I enjoy your page and the way you bring others into your creations corner. Thanks for introducing other artisan friends to all of us in Cyber Land. The Tree set reminds me of the tree of Life.

  3. In East TN arts. and crafts are the economy, and also an artistic display of sometimes a hard way of life. We see the man plowing with mules, or hoeing mountain rocky crops, but this is home to me, and I love to see people like Jim Grey, and Mariam making baskets to preserve a culture that is quickly passing away.

  4. Hey Sonja, Im really wanting a guitar pick. I love your raffles and you are such a creative person. I want to be like you when I grow up. :) Cherie

  5. I love how close your artisan community is, and how supportive they are of each other. To see you promote other folks that make similar items just warms my heart.