Wednesday, October 8, 2014

They are in Cohoots!

That's right.

Dogs and Cats living together. Mass Hysteria.

Or at least, an assault on my diminishing bowl of fancy nuts on the kitchen table.

A new game is afoot in the household. The game begins with Roamer or Acadian climbing onto the kitchen table- a "no no" for sure, but a house rule they ignore with zeal. Head down, tail twitching, one or both stealthily stalk up to the wooden bowl of nuts sitting uneaten. A quick bat-bat-bat of a front claw and a nut is freed from the confines of the bowl.

The nut lands either on the table which makes for
an impromptu practice session of pouncing. Or, it skitters to the floor where Buster or Molly impatiently await to steal it away.

Two dogs. One nut. You do the math.

The kittens certainly have. They peer over the edge of the table laying bets on who will come out on top. The faster pooch snaps up their prize and runs to a quiet spot to crack it open with their teeth in order to eat it. The loser circles the table, ready to snatch the next flying treat.

Extra points are awarded for leaving sharp nut shell pieces laying strategically on the floor in the path of the vulnerable soles of my feet. Scattering drying sunflower seeds all over the table does not yield additional points, but that doesn't stop it from happening.

Another day. Another mess to tidy.