Sunday, May 25, 2014

Hiking With Goats

As a reward for our hard work getting several fencing areas expanded, changed around, or revamped over the weekend, Sean, our girls and I took some time out to hike up Mount Waldo with some dear friends of the human variety and Delilah. It was the first hike of what we hope will be many hikes this year. We'll see.

Since it was so late in the day and we were all tired, we opted to stop at the turn out instead of continuing all the way to the quarry's peaceful watery scene. It was enough. Even the hordes of biting black flies could not dampen our young people's enthusiasm and fun.
Kristen, Meaghan, Daniel & Aidan
Delilah had never been hiking with us, but she enjoyed exploring and munching on brush. Unlike Haddie and Judah's first experience, Delilah did not immediately skip around the granite blocks, but instead picked her way through them cautiously.

The girls scampered to the top much more interested in exploring than Delilah. It is a long way up, but the view was worth it!
Success! At the peak!

Wild strawberries are all in bloom. In another month, these will bear sweet, red strawberries. YUM...

Delilah was not interested in the strawberry blossoms, but she enjoyed her fill of leaves. Leaves did not seem appealing for us. We went for ice cream at Wilson's Country Market. What a fantastic ending to our day!

Thanks for stopping in for a visit tonight. We're so glad you came.
Sonja ♥

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