Thursday, September 12, 2013

Barn Building: Part 6 The 2nd Story and Roof!

Wow. Someone is building a Big Ole' Barn. And, it is just that. Big. Wonderfully large and roomy with stalls for the critters, a milking room for me, and wood storage for Sean. I preparation for this post, I took a little time to review the progress we are making and all I can say is, "Wow."

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Leveling the barn in the fall of 2012. Can you spot Ellie? 

Jedi checking the work.
Before we could continue building the 2nd story of the barn, our foundation had settled over the winter and needed leveling again, badly. Gravel was delivered and Sean and Daddy Dale began the delicate balancing act of raising the front wall about 8 inches. Jacking the barn into position was time consuming, especially when you add a nosey buck into the mix. Jedi kept a close eye on what was happening- ready to step in should the need arise.
Once the first floor was properly level, new 2x6 floor supports were installed and CDX laid. Then, it was time to frame the 4 foot kick wall.
After Daddy Dale installed the kick wall, Sean and he began assembling the gambrel roof trusses. Our plans called for securing the trusses together at the proper angle with gussets. That was the easy part. Attaching them to the ridge board became a 5 person job. Caitlin, Justin and I all pitched in to help steady and hold beams in place as Daddy Dale directed things while he and Sean nailed it all together.

 Since the roof is 16 feet above the second story floor, the step ladder did not cut it. Undeterred, Daddy Dale came up with a creative solution. He screwed two 8 foot pallets together top and bottom into a make-shift ladder, dubbed "The Widow Maker."

The first section of the ridge beam and trusses in place.

A quick break for a cool drink and it is back to work. Justin and Sean hold the beam in place at both ends while Daddy Dale uses the nail gun to secure each 2x6.

 When we framed, sheathed, and temporarily roofed the barn for winter last year, we used screws to fasten everything. It was much faster than the alternative of hammering nails. What a blessing it is to have borrowed Uncle Alan's nail gun for this phase of the building. I confess, I was a little worried about someone getting a nail shot where it shouldn't. That fear aside, using the nail gun saved us sooooo much time.

Thank you, Uncle Alan!

It took a little longer than the men hoped it would to complete the roof truss installation, but by the end of the week, they were all in place and ready for the 2x4 strapping that would support the brand new metal roof. And, that is the next step.

Daddy Dale and I ordered the metal roofing material from Crescent Lumber yesterday. Not only did they have the best price, but they are a local, family-owned lumber company. They create the metal roofing themselves in 16 colors and deliver for free! Can't go wrong with that.

I cannot express how happy I am to have the roofing scheduled to be completed this weekend. I know the goats and Jasmine will appreciate it, too. With the  protective tarp removed while we frame, the stalls are getting more wet than is comfortable for any of us any time it rains.

I have been trying to catch up on this summer's happenings, but it has been slow going on the writing end. I have some upcoming posts about more ducklings hatching, getting our guinea fowl, updates on our turkeys, and more goat happenings. Thank you for your patience as I sort through all of the video and pictures. :) I appreciate it.

I am glad you stopped in for a visit with us. We love your company and comments.
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  1. Wow, I was scared out of my mind when Daddy Dale was building Abby's tree house, I would have to flat out take Valium or take up drinking whiskey one! I am glad everyone is still with us! Great progress!

  2. Wow, was my reaction too! This will be wonderful! Isn't it wonderful what men with tools can do?

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