2014 Dairy Goat Rental

According to ehow.com, "Goats have long produced the 'milk of choice' for humankind." Indeed, besides the milk, many dairy products can be made from goat's milk such as feta, chevre, and ricotta cheese and yogurt. Goat's milk contains much smaller fat particles than traditional cow's milk causing the milk to be naturally homogenized. Because of its unique make up, many people who are lactose intolerant, are able to enjoy goat's milk and it's dairy products without upset to their digestive systems. Goat's milk has also been used in infant formula since it is believed to be closer to human milk than cow's milk.

Although goat's milk has many potential benefits to the consumer, obtaining your own supply of fresh milk from your own dairy goat takes time to properly care for your goat, providing fresh food and water, milking them, and cleaning stalls each day. It also takes money to purchase your dairy goat, to supply proper housing, strong fencing, veterinary care, equipment and food. Additionally, you may not live in an area well-suited to keeping a goat. These considerations have led many people who want to be able to eat fresh goat's milk or cheese to purchase their supply, instead of raising it themselves. In recent years, there has been a movement towards buying locally grown and/or raised foods. In this way, even those living in more urban areas may have the opportunity to purchase and eat fresh dairy products. A Goat Lease (or goat share) Program may well bridge that gap.

What is a Goat Lease Program?

Leasing a goat is very similar to leasing a car or a home in that while you are leasing, you have the right to use the vehicle or property in a mutually agreed up manner, but you do not own the property. Leasing a dairy goat provides you with your own source of fresh, raw milk and/or dairy products for the time the doe is producing during the rental year. You pay a rental fee and a small monthly amount to lease a goat from our herd of dairy goats living here at Lally Broch Farm. We care for the daily needs of your leased goat, including milking her for you. You can either pick up the raw milk from your goat or you can have us make it into cheese for you.

Costs and Fees?
There is an annual rental fee due at the time of the rental. Then, payments are due on the first day of each quarter, namely, April 1st (for April, May, June) July 1st for (July, August, September) and October 1st (for October, November, December). Our goats are normally milked from April through December and then, dried up and rested the next year. Other does will be available for rent next year.

Available Goat Does for 2017 Lease: Abigail, Jane, Rachel, Keziah, Phoebe

For more information about leasing a dairy goat for 2017, please download a copy of our complete leasing agreement document and contract. 2017 Goat Lease Information and Contract Or, contact Sonja Twombly at 207-323-4982.

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